Millfield is able to offer accommodation in boarding houses providing in excess of 525 bedrooms and 1100 beds. Those using the houses should appreciate that pupils use the accommodation during school term. Some of the houses have been purpose built, whilst others are converted private homes. All bed linen is provided but not towels, soap or hair dryers. Most houses have drying facilities and some have washing machines. Those applying to use the accommodation in conjunction with an event will be provided with an appropriate number of houses to suit their requirements. Organisers are responsible for allocating persons to rooms. Organisers should note that not all houses are on campus or within walking distance.

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Each house has a resident houseparent or in their absence, a locum houseparent who will show what facilities are available for use, explain fire and safety precautions, and assist guests during their stay. Discipline and pastoral care are the responsibility of the organisers planning the events. Where children are involved, at least one adult member must be provided in each boarding house. Each house has an electronic security entry system with a unique number and most bedrooms are fitted with locks, for which keys are available on payment of a returnable deposit. Millfield is unable to accept responsibility for valuables or personal belongings left in boarding houses or other Millfield premises. A limited number of security boxes, located in a campus safe depository are available on application.

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Millfield operates a non-smoking policy in all accommodation and campus buildings. Millfield also requests that all residents respect the privacy of other guests and turn off loud music by 2330 hours. Boisterous behaviour likely to disturb other guests or neighbours is considered socially unacceptable. Millfield reserves the right to ask those unwilling to accept these conditions to seek alternative accommodation.

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Millfield has an ongoing programme to refurbish and upgrade the boarding houses. This means that for some events the number of available bedrooms may change. Event organisers should check with Millfield Enterprises staff before allocating rooms.